Welcome Message

For two decades now, the ASEPELT Congress has been a clear point of reference as a meeting place for Spanish researchers in the field of Applied Economics and a forum for debate and discussion of the work carried out by specialists in this field. Our idea is to put at the service of the scientific community the contributions of economists from different countries in order to enrich the knowledge and generate a pleasant and committed discussion forum.


For this edition, and in line with the venue and its social and economic identity, we have chosen as the theme of the congress the Blue Economy, with emphasis on maritime activities and sustainable development. The University of Vigo itself has been significantly oriented towards the study of marine sciences, including economics among many other aspects.


Blue growth is formulated in the European Union as a strategy to support sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors. It recognises the importance of the seas and oceans as opportunities for the European economy because of their great potential in terms of innovation, growth and sustainability. The Integrated Maritime Policy is, in this sense, a contribution to the achievement of the objectives of the 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, where all economic actors (governments, businesses and citizens) set clear, measurable and coherent objectives.  Similarly, the Blue Economy seeks to measure and regularly communicate progress towards these goals and to create an economic and legislative environment that provides the right incentives through economic instruments such as taxes, subsidies or permits.


Complementarily, the marine space and its resources must be effectively planned and managed; standards and best practices leading to sustainable use of marine resources must be developed and applied; and it must be recognised that the maritime and terrestrial economies are intertwined and that many of the threats to the sea originate on land. This process must therefore lead to active cooperation, information and knowledge sharing in order to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for all.


Along with this identifying objective, the XXXIII International Congress of Applied Economics, Asepelt 2019, will open other fields of interest, in line with the research tradition marked in previous editions of the Congress, giving continuity to analysis objectives already consolidated in our departments and reference research groups.


For all these reasons, we hope that you will attend the Congress and that your contribution will serve to improve knowledge and advance in the construction of sustainable development and continue in the consolidation of our Congress.


In addition, we will do our best to offer you a pleasant stay in the city of Vigo.

Prof. Dr. Carlos María Fernández-Jardón Fernández

President of the Organizing Committee